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How Facility Plant Design Boosts Productivity and Safety.

In the world of food processing, operational efficiency and employee safety all hinge on proper facility plant design. The difference between good and bad facility plant design is the difference between order and chaos, between profit and loss. Below, we'll explain how and what is necessary to achieve a functioning and well-managed facility plant design.

What is facility plant design?

A facility is any space where a business operates. It could be a warehouse, a factory plant, an office, a construction site, or a field. But this activity requires a thorough plan for using that space wherever it occurs.

When building a plan, there are three main aspects that concern industries like food processing.

  1. Employees

  2. Materials

  3. Equipment

The key to plant design is integrating these three as efficiently and safely as possible. The layout maximizes output by considering how workflows are accomplished and how workflows between each element, from the factory line to packaging. Overall, it's supposed to be done so that the three aspects merge into one holistic workflow and there are as few gaps or inefficiencies as possible.

What goes into facility plant design?

A good layout design identifies and builds relationships between employees, materials, and equipment. It's meant to optimize space, limit the amount of movement from one point to another, and promote a safer, more comfortable work environment. At every turn, the plan must envision peak efficiency and what must be done to reach it.

How to identify needs

Every business has limitations, and layout design helps cope with and overcome these limitations. Theorizing a design is meant to help identify and address scalability, automation, material handling, and production capacity needs. Once needs are identified, managers can build plans that remove the obstacles in place to address them.

The objectives of facility layout design

There are a handful of identifying factors of a good facility layout design.

Enhance the flow of materials and personnel

Successful designs should maximize the efficiency of every point of operation. This means more than just physical space and reducing the amount of movement between the employees, materials, and equipment. It's also about optimizing internal communication. A good plan accomplishes both things through a mix of technology and ingenuity.

Increased productivity and morale

Employees are always at the heart of a good facility layout design. Any facility plant design should increase employee safety and decrease physical taxation. This could include stationing employees in ideal locations or providing training to promote better habits.

Consider PEPM Group for your processing facilities.

If you're looking for expert solutions in facility layout design, consider PEPM Group. We offer engineering, drafting, 3D modeling, and project management services for all types of projects and needs including:

  • Mechanical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

  • Buildings, concrete and structure.

  • Earthwork and site planning.

  • Electrical, instrumentation and control systems.

  • Front-End Engineering Design (FEED).

If you would like more information about our engineering solutions, Contact Us today.


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