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PEPM Group has the solution our clients need for their building and structure projects. We have custom software for concrete buildings and metal structures. This allows our engineers to perform stress analysis on the structure while it is still in the design process.


In addition to our building and structure expertise, our engineers have food and meat processing facilities experience. When it comes to food processing, we know that insulation and sanitation are crucial. All of this comes together to help us deliver a safe and on-time solution. 

Buildings and structures ranging from commercial buildings and office towers to new plants can be designed to meet the needs of our clients. 

Precast Concrete Buildings

Using our in-house software we can analyze the design, factor in our site grading, and then visit on-site to make the design a reality.

Cast-In-Place Concrete Buildings and Structures

structural support2.jpg

PEPM Group has the capacity to design to your next metal structure building. Metal structures can range from small utility buildings to multi-storied office buildings. Because of this safety is always the first priority which is why our designs go through three levels of checks and each project has its own management guide.

Engineered Metal Buildings

PEPM Group follows industry-standard codes for its designs, which is why our tanks adhere to API/AWWA guidelines. Depending on what you need for your project, we can design concrete or metal tanks.


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