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At PEPM Group we have the ability to design a diverse number of mechanical systems. By combining our knowledge and using the latest industry tools, we can handle almost any project. When we look at mechanical projects, we look to see how that piece is going to fit in with the surroundings and what we need to do to make it work. Whether it's a refit or a new build, PEPM Group will help manage the process and deliver.

ASME B31.1-.3 Process Piping

ASME B31.1 prescribes minimum requirements for the design, materials, fabrication, erection, test, inspection, operation, and maintenance of piping systems typically found in electric power generating stations, industrial and institutional plants, geothermal heating systems, and central and district heating and cooling systems.

Utility Piping

Utility piping includes water lines, storm sewer, sanitary water lines, or waste water lines. Using our in-house software suite we are able to design and do ongoing pipe stress analysis to ensure that the final design meets all needed client requirements. 

HVAC Systems

When doing HVAC systems design, we can build from the bottom up. We have engineers that will design the base, ducting, and unit supports for either a retrofit or a new build. During the design, we will do an air balance study to make sure that the correct pressure is being met throughout the facility.

Pump and Lifting System

Pumping stations in sewage collection systems are normally designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from underground gravity pipelines. Sewage is fed into and stored in an underground pit, commonly known as a wet well. The purpose of a wet well is to provide a means of allowing automatic operation of the lift station with simple control.

Boiler and Steam Systems

We have many years of expertise in designing boiler and steam systems. Our engineers will handle the design of the piping, deaerator, and other attachments. During this process, we can also design the boiler foundation.

API Pumps and Blowers - ANSI Pumps

API Pumps and blowers are used for a wide variety of tasks in different facilities. At PEPM Group we can design to suit your needs. Vacuums for automation, compressed air for instrumentation and sanitary cleaning, high-pressure hose systems, pneumatic or fluid hydraulic control systems, and blower and scalding tank systems for lower pressure needs.

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