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Site planning is crucial when designing an outdoor system. What PEPM Group can offer is an area wide survey of the land and then management options to help make the site suitable for the project. We look at a wide array of variables such as climate, seismic activity, and water issues such as drainage. Doing this before a design not only makes it safer but can save you time and money by not having to redo improperly implemented designs.
Site Grading

When we do site grading we are looking for drainage issues or potential runoff

problems from the topography of the land. Water that pools around the edge of

buildings or roads can cause a failure which is why having a level base and

an understanding of the land material is so important. 

Site Grading


After a site has been graded we will help manage the process. From roads and

bridges to above or below-ground structures, we will design the project to meet our

client's needs. We can also help with current drainage issues and work with you to

figure out the best design to create a lasting fix for the problem.


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