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Piping and Nozzle Stress Test  |  Tulsa, OK

Pipe Stress Analysis  |  Tulsa, OK

Roroclave Structural Platform  |  Tulsa, OK

Closed Circuit Cooling Water Structure  |  Tulsa, OK

Synjet Cooling Tower  |  Tulsa, OK

Deadman Anchor and Foundation Design for Guywire Flare  |  Tulsa, OK

Dry Water Cooler Structure  |  Chesterfield, NJ

Closed Circuit Cooling Water Structure  |  Sandwich, MA

Second Stage Effluent Cooler Structure  |  Lima, OH

Splinter Overhead Condenser Structure  |  Linden, NJ

Condenser Skid Pipe Stress Analysis  |  Fruitland, NM

Deisonutanizer Overhead Condenser Structure  |  Linden, NJ

"Cold Box" Engineering Analysis  |  Elba Island, GA

Drive Water Cooler Structure  |  Roseland, NJ


SGT 300 Lube Oil Cooler Structure (2 Designs)  |  Blythe, CA

Anime Condenser and Condensate Cooler Structure  |  Elba Island, GA

Discharge Gas Cooler  |  Blythe, CA

Drive Water Cooler Structure  |  Middlesex County, NJ

Condensers (5 Designs)  |  Alvin, TX


Exhaust Gas Cooling Unit  |  Arnold Air Force, TN

Anime Condenser, 1st, and 2nd Stage Discharge Cooler, Cooler Medium Structure  |  Elba Island, GA

1St Stage Effluent Cooling System  |  Pascagoula, MS

Compressor Station, Above Ground Storage Tank Tower, Platform and Foundation  |  Eddy County, NM

GT Air Cooling System  |  Astoria, SD

Reactor Effluent Condensers and Diesel Air Coolers (4 Designs)  |  Dickenson, ND

Refreshing Condenser Engineering (3 Designs)  |  Superior, WI

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower  |  Niles, MI


Filter House and Chiller STAAD and Analysis


Turbine Filter House STAAD and Engineering Analysis


Filter House FEA Analysis  |  Banha and Tihama

Turbine Filter House STAAD and Engineering Analysis  |  Banha


Filter House and Chiller STAAD and Analysis  |  Tihama

Preheater Effluent Air Cooler Structure  |  Canada


Air-Cooling Unit Structural Design  |  China


Synthesis Air Cooler Steel Structure (6 Designs)  |  Jiangsu, China


Turbine Filter house STAAD and Engineering Analysis  |  Mexico


Thermal Oxidizer System Structural Analysis, Pipe Layout, Details and 3D Modeling  |  Peru 


GT Air Cooling Unit Structural Analysis  |  France


Engineering Analysis using STAAD per Eurocodes  |  French Island La Reunion


Thermal Oxidizer System Structural Engineering  |  Kazakhstan

Shipping Saddle Design and FEA  |  International


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