The energy sector has been hit hard recently and clients are looking for companies like PEPM Group who excel at safety and cost-cutting. We work with our clients to spot challenges and then solve their problems. PEPM Group has international experience in Europe, China, and India as well as current local projects. We provide a full range of services from new facility design to plant maintenance and retrofit.



Energy and Petrochemical Plants

Services range from full plant design, equipment platforms and foundations, pumps, blowers, HVAC, guyed and self supported stacks, and much more.

Stacks, Cooling Towers and Derricks

With our experience and software we are able to cut these design times while still designing a better, safer product.

Equipment and Offshore Platforms

Designing equipment refits and replacement parts. We also have experience designing and analyzing full platform builds. 

Pipelines, Piping Skids and Terminals

PEPM can do full piping and nozzle stress analysis/calculations to help increase the life of the equipment and create a safer product.


With over 100 years of combined experience in design and field support, we can offer solutions to almost any vessel or tank project.

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