PEPM met a challenging timeline and completed ahead of schedule. Excellent quality of work as you went above and beyond by analyzing the entire system as one individual system and made recommendations that saved our end-user construction costs. Outstanding service by providing us timely feedback, saving us on engineering and construction costs also. 


                               M Sharieff - Regional Manager


My team has been pleased with the ease of working with your team. Thanks for your hard work and help this past year.                                                           

                               C Jackson - General Manager


Thanks for your help to prepare a connection package in a condensed time frame. You will be pleased to know that we have met our deliverable deadline by submitting the sealed package to the execution team on 5/29.                                                                           

                                C Patel - Structural Engineer


You brought it today! Phenomenal Job! I'm so honored to have you in my corner and thankful to have the opportunity to work with you. Thank you!


                            R Johnson - General Contractor



You're very thorough and I know I can catch your team any time of the day!


                               J Merrill - Mechanical Engineer


We greatly appreciate PEPM and your service too. You have a thorough and professional package that meets the needs of both us and our customers. Thanks for everything you do. We will continue to work with you and your team. I think PEPM did a thorough analysis and I appreciate the explanation of the required changes. Your response gives me great confidence in the rest of the work.


     M Pierce - Director of Engineering and Project


We continue business and greatly appreciate all the support that you have provided for both of our projects. We will be using PEPM in our execution strategy.                                                                                                  R Rafford - Manager of Projects


Thank you PEPM Group for helping us find a good solution for our project.  


                                       R Ristow - Plant Engineer




PEPM Group, Thanks for everything you do. We will continue to work with you and your team in the future. 


             A Chatlani - Senior Director of Engineering


I have finished reviewing the remaining supports.  Everything else looks good. GREAT JOB!!!!! Thank you for all the hard work.


                                        T Neal - Senior Designer


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